No Title — Bollywood, Patriotism and Critics…oh, and Trump


No Title — Bollywood, Patriotism and Critics…oh, and Trump

[ I started writing this article without a particular agenda. There were a few things that I wanted to say, without analyzing too much and giving it a structure. Free writing 🙂 ]

I love movies. I don’t watch it as an intellectual. I go to movies expecting them to enrich me emotionally. I allow the movies to effect me. It may be a scene, a song or a phrase. As long as your movie moves me, I am happy.

Now to the movie critics — all I can say is most of them live on reflected glory. Almost none knows the craft. I wish at least there were a few educated people who would also comment on the technicalities of the craft while reviewing. It may not be very popular with the audience who view your reviews but in your little way, you would be educating a generation.

Now having said that, Anupama Chopra is a critic I respect. I have always found her to be intelligent and fair. My only disagreement with her in recent times have been when she called Mahira Khan “vapid” in the latest Shah Rukh Khan movie Raees.

I disagree. Her role and dialogues were limited. But within these limitations, she did an excellent job.

And that brings me to my love for another Pakistani star — Fawad Khan. I “discovered” Fawad Khan while I was bedridden with a very long bout of illness last year. One TV drama on You Tube led to another till I was left amazed by this incredibly talented person. When “Kapoor and Sons” were announced, I started telling anyone and everyone who would listen what an amazing actor he is.

His performance in “Kapoor and Sons” was one of the most nuanced deliveries of recent times. I understand the political and nationalistic sentiments that may have prevented him from winning the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor. But it feels wrong somehow.

Two very talented actors from across the border — a border which was created 70 years back.

And how can I sign off my “Free Writing” without a word about the new “Dennis the Menace” — Dear ‘ol Trump… Now that man has the making of a Bollywood masaala potboiler. I think he is trying to create as much news as possible before they impeach him under some trumped up charges (no pun intended).

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