Ted Talks in Repeat Mode


Ted Talks in Repeat Mode

Are you the type that watches a movie multiple times? Or reads a book over and over again?

Now, you could firmly place me in the category of people who would read a good book more than once. Even a “whodunit” where I already know who-actually-did-it! Recently, I realised that books are not the only things I have on repeat mode.

I travel a lot; mostly on work… Think boring taxi commutes and long bus rides. To help me tolerate my own company, I rely on an offline playlist on You Tube on my phone. It’s a very eclectic selection ranging from Bollywood Masala to the “Theory of Everything”. I realized that there are a few Ted Talks which have been there for over a year. I started noticing a pattern in when I watch these too. They are my go-to talks when I need a little motivation — to get a little perspective when I am down. Basically, to just shake myself up when I am struggling to make some serious changes in my habits.

Let me share them here. If you have seen them already, you will know why I keep returning to them. And if you haven’t, you MUST give them a shot.

1. Shawn Achor — “The Happy Secret to Work Better”

What will it take to make you happy? Write that best-seller? Close that sales deal for million dollar account? Get a promotion? Be slim? Find your perfect life partner?

Achieving these goals would make us happy. Or so we think. The problem is once we achieve a target, we experience moments of euphoria and then it’s gone. In this wonderful Ted Talk Shawn suggests that to work better and achieve whatever your gaols are, be happy first. And that will propel you towards success.

In addition to turning the conventional wisdom, right on its head, I absolutely and completely love Shawn also for his subtle humor and the innocuous jabs he takes at his sister and Brother-in-law which is very endearing. By hinting at a playful yet close relationship he has with his sister we automatically identify with either a relation we have with a sibling, or one that we wish we had.

A little more about Shawn: He is the author of happiness advantage and CEO of Good Think Inc. He lectures on Positive Psychology and he researches on Positive Outliers.

My takeaway: Try out the exercise that Shawn suggests at the end of the Talk. I am a huge fan of journaling and hence loved it. Try it for a week and see if how it helps you out.

You can connect with Shawn here:

Twitter: @shawnachor

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shawnachor/

2. Mel Robbins — “How to stop screwing yourself over”

A confession. I get intimidated by a person who is so confident and bouncing with energy like Mel . And if we were to ever interact I am sure I would possible merge into a crowd and hope she doesn’t notice me or pull me up.

But I also know that I would pay keen attention to ANYTHING that she has to say. Here is why:

How often have you seen a successful startup or seen a great movie or read a great book and thought…”Hey I had that very same idea 4 years back”. The one I hear often from techies is about how they had the idea of something akin to facebook way back in early 2000 . Often laced with a large dollop of regret you see them ruminating over the fact , “If I had only acted on it”

When we hear Mel we realise that this is a problem that plagues the majority of humanity.

She gives you very simple and valuable suggestions on how to counter this problem and act on those great ideas that bouncing in your head like a ping pong ball on steroid.

A little more about Mel: Mel discovered the “ 5 second rule” in a moment of great financial crisis. She is a CNN Commentator and a Best Selling Author.

My takeaway: I have been trying to diligently take notes on my Google keep when an inspiration strikes. I am far from perfect on this but I have made a start. For you this may be a small note book or colour notes or evernote. Whatever be the medium, just try out her suggestion.

You can connect with Mel here:

Twitter: @melrobbins

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melrobbins/

3. Dr. Tasha Eurich — “Learning to be AWESOME at anything you do”

Tasha’s elocution style reminds me of a friend in school. Perfect diction, perfect body language, laced with just enough self deprecating humor. If there were a panel of judges giving points for the flair of presentation, Tasha might have won.

But that is NOT why Tasha is on this list ( if anything, I hate pitch perfect presentation styles which look over rehearsed)

Tasha addresses one of the big problems I face, as do many people around me. We desperately want to better at something — could be at exercising, could be at how to be a better leader or even a better speaker, or learn how to write better or code better. Really, it could be anything. She guides you with step by step instructions which are super simple and absolutely zero investment.

A little more about Tasha: Tasha is an organizational psychologist and the best selling author of Bankable Leadership. The Eurich Group works organizations succeed by making their Leaders AWESOME.

My Takeaway : Tasha combines her deep understanding of human psyche to come up with simple solutions to help both business leaders get better … or you can even use it to cook better.

You can connect with Tasha here:

Twitter: @tashaeurich

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/tashaeurich/

4. Simon Sinek — “How great Leaders inspire action”

For me Simon is a teacher and his famous Ted Talk a reference guide I keep going back to when I need to , say, sell something better. This is the 1st Ted talk I ever saw. And since then I was hooked on — both to Simon and Ted Talks 🙂

This talk is all about how to be a better communicator. And in my humble opinion this should be mandatory study in our schools and colleges. It should most definitely be included in training sessions of corporate.

Anyone and Everyone who needs to sell a product, works in MarkComm, or even pitch to an investor MUST watch Simon’s talk.

He helps you re-evaluate how you talk while trying to persuade someone. We always, always start telling what our product is all about. We might as well press the snooze button in people’s head. Because no one, and I mean no one wants to spend precious minutes in their life listening to the technical greatness of your company. Instead start with WHY this product is needed to make a difference in your life and then works towards the What.

A little more about Simon: He is an author, motivational speaker and a marketing consultant. Simon authored the best selling book “start with why”. He has also taught strategic communication at Columbia University.

My Takeaway: Through concept of Golden Circle, Simon brings to us a powerful model of inspirational leadership. He will forever change the way you work on a sales pitch , or any manner of communication wherein you need to persuade someone to your way of thinking.

You can connect with Simon here:

Twitter: @simonsinek

You will see some of the Big Hits missing from this list. Well there is no particular reason for that — except that these are the ones that I have listened to over and over again.

So if you have a particular favourite Ted Talk, do let me know. I would love to know 🙂

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