Indigo Airlines 6E 463 — A Thank You Note


Indigo Airlines 6E 463 — A Thank You Note

A good deed

This is an experience my sister shared with me.

“I was returning from Mumbai after a short business trip. The whole country was anxious for news about friends and relatives caught in the Chennai rains.

Having woken at unearthly hours to catch the morning flight, I dozed off the moment the flight took off. I was returning to Bangalore on the Indigo flight 6E 463. There was a gentleman sitting beside me. After the flight landed and the population rushed to disembark, we continued sitting, making us the odd ones out.

I think he was the one to smile first — the kind of shy smile we Indians give when we are not sure if this would be polite or not. When I responded with a smile and a hello, my co-passenger jumped into a story without much preamble.

He is from Chennai. He was in Mumbai for the last few days on a business trip. Stranded in the floods are his 89-year-old mother, a brother who is deaf and mute. He has been getting frantic calls from his wife who is their caretaker in his absence. As the world knows there are no flights to Chennai. Travel by road from Mumbai will take an incredible amount of time.

Out of sheer desperation, he reached out to all the airlines. Asking them for help in any manner. Only one airline responded. And not just with platitudes

Indigo offered him a free ticket to Bangalore, so that he may take a bus from Bangalore to Chennai.

I am not sure why he shared this story with me. I think he wanted someone to know that people do care. Or he just wanted to talk to calm himself. But I disembarked being impressed. This goes beyond good customer service.

I have always had good experience on Indigo. Given a choice, I always fly Indigo. And next time I fly with Indigo, I will know that I am with people who genuinely care.

On behalf of that gentleman from Chennai ( whose name I do not know), Thank You Indigo.”

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