I love Money, honey.


I love Money, honey.

Day 3 of “One Day, One Blog” — a challenge I set for myself for the month of January 2019.

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Last night two 40 year old friends were having a late night chit chat. One was me, of course, and the other was a childhood friend of mine who has seen me through some really low times. And that gives me a freedom to talk to him without the fear of being judged.

When he asked me what my new year resolutions were ( yes, we still make new year resolutions. We are not jaded. We still get excited about everything from festivals to beer to “Simmba”), I shared them with him without “polishing” it up to make it look noble or sophisticated.

Coincidentally, another young man I know only via LinkedIn left me a personal message yesterday asking me to share my New Year Resolutions with him.

The reason I decided to dedicate an entire article to this is because one of the resolutions is about Wealth. We still have an attitude that speaking about money, more precisely stating that we love money and would love to keep accumulating it, is considered to be less than classy. Perhaps it is our middle class upbringing but we think of it as an evil thing and to acknowledge that we like it and want more is like sending a personal invitation to the devil himself.

It is even worse if a woman says that she loves money. In addition to being judged as being materialistic, she will also be stoned for being Oh-So- Ambitious ( from the “Good Woman Manifesto” coming out tomorrow). We might as well tell people we are sleeping around after this and they may not raise an eyebrow. They would still be reeling from the previous shock.

I am a hypocrite

Or I would be if I camouflaged my new year resolutions and said I wanted to do good for humanity and world peace and health for my family. Of course I want all that but my resolutions, my promises to myself — I need to spell it out for what it is if I dare mock others here.

My Promises to Myself

I have been a student of “Law of Attraction” for a long time. But I have not been a good student. In the last 2 months I have taken it up as a subject to study with the same focus and attention (and even methodology) as I would need to study a more conventional subject. I will share more on that later but this endevour led me to discover and identify two areas of my life which I have not been able to set right — My Health and Wealth.

A deep love for the body

If there is one aspect where every single person I know is programmed alike, then it is a deep rooted dislike for the whole of their body(or at least a part of it.)

We are both victims and perpetrators. Can anyone amongst us honestly put a hand to their heart and say that we have not body-shamed someone? It doesn’t matter if “they started it first”.

Too fat, too thin, big bum, no bum, fat arms, scrawny arms, too tall, too short — there is always something about us that we are deeply unhappy about and want it changed.

The only time we learn and acknowledge that what we have is pretty awesome is when it starts to go away due to old age or sickness.

I decided enough was enough.

I refuse to wait till I reach a perfect condition to I start being proud of my body.

I have perfect health now. My husband and I have lost a parent each due to critical illnesses which are hereditary in nature. So instead of waiting for diseases to strike and old age to approach so that I may lament the loss of good health, let me appreciate what I have now.

I love this body inside and out. I am extremely grateful for the fact that it is perfectly healthy. I will treat it with the respect and love it deserves.

The “fuel” I add will be of high quality. The “maintenance” I do will be diligent and continuous.

Maintenance can be martial arts, weight training, walking/jogging or a combination of any of these. But good fuel and maintenance for life are promises I make.

With this love and care, whatever elements that need to be strengthened — less fat, more muscles, more endurance and flexibility — will come to my life as a natural outcome. And this time it will stay for good.

I am NOT scared — of Money

Let us say I had a friend who visits often and stays for long term . The friend is well liked, no doubt. But if I had even the slightest negative feeling in my mind about this friend, a perceptive person will recognize it and try and stay away from me. I would not even realise why this person has suddenly gone away from my life.

Perhaps I did not have accusatory thoughts about this friend but I might have wondered about my good fortune as I think this person is too good for me. Dialogues like these would go through my mind involuntarily:

“She is so good…so why does she like me so much? I am sure there are better people for her to be friends with, rt?”

“Ok…..so she is my friend for now… but will she stay with me for long term?”

“I love having her in my life… let me not share her with friends…what if she likes someone better and goes away?”

“ Oh My God… She came here by fluke… there is no way someone like her would want to be with someone like me. She will surely go away soon.”

“Why is she here? I am sure there is some ulterior motive”

“I like her too much. Is it healthy to have such dependency on a person?”

Replace this “friend” with money and that kind of sums up my thought process about money.

So into a location ( my mind) which is not welcoming at all times, has trust issues, is terribly insecure why would my friend (wealth) return? And even if she returns why would she want to stay for long, for good?

Therefore, thus goes my gift to myself this New Year:

  • I will be patient with my unhealthy attitude towards wealth and prosperity. I will treat it(my attitude) like an errant child. Good thing is that the errant child has realized the mistake. Now it is time to do course correction.
  • Each time, the mistake ( any of those negative thoughts on money) is repeated, gently remind. That’s enough — nothing more.
  • Then I will focus on my lessons and remind me that I am worthy. That there is no shortage. All my needs and wants will be fulfilled as it is indeed an unlimited supply of resources.

“It sounds too good to be true. Are you sure this is right?”, My Doubting Thomas of a mind asks me.

Yes, it is. I promise. Mind you, it is very good but not easy. I promise to stay committed to walk the path of correction till I reach the Goal.

I have other commitments, of course, but this “work” is no less important. It deserves the same time and commitment as all the other “work” in my life.

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