Hi Heidi,

Loved this piece. It’s like a morning shot of inspiration for those of us aspiring to write more.

3 months back, I made a promise to write more. Everyday, if possible. A tag-along decision was also to try and publish an article a week. This is what has happened so far. I have made significant progress in writing almost daily. Even though they are without a particular agenda and often times are personal observations about life around me.

But I just can’t seem to get around to publishing the articles. I am plagued with this worry — “why bother the world with this gibberish”. And when I do publish something, the fact that very few see it cements the self-doubts that drag me down.

Any word of advise on how to keep going?

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I have enjoyed reading and writing ever since I could read and write. I have been told that my words inspire and help people. That gives me the courage to write more.
If my words help you in any way to better your life, I will consider that a blessing.