A letter to God


A letter to God

I love God. We are good friends. These days, we don’t talk as much as we used to. That’s not good, right? So, I wrote him a letter. [Day 26 of my “One Day One Blog” ]


Dear God,

How do people usually start their letter to you? I mean, normally ,I would have started off with, “ Hope you are doing well?” Clearly, I cannot take that line here… I mean, if you are not doing well, then we are all screwed, rt?

So I proceed on the assumption that you are indeed doing well.

God, I know that Adam and Eve messed up and as a punishment you sent them here — to start off this very large family we call mankind. But really, isn’t a million years plus good enough for them to have paid their dues?

I am assuming it is. If so, you are still keeping us around — and allowing us to continue ruining this beautiful planet — because you have some grand plan for us, I presume? What is that? The deep thinking ones still haven’t figured out an answer to this question. If you could just give us a nudge, perhaps we might do better. Even the TV shows here give more clues than you do ( ever heard of 50/50 or phone a friend?).

Now that I have got the existential question out of the way, let me get to some pressing issues.

Those ISIS guys …I am assuming they are the “snake” reincarnated from Eden? You really did a number on us by sending them this side.

Is Aylan Kurdi with you now?

I am sure he is. But that little guy washed up on the seashore was one of the most heart wrenching images I have ever seen. That day, I was very angry with you. Why do you let the little ones die. Aren’t they gift from you to us? Then I forgave you — I guess he is better off with you than with us.

What’s the deal with Trump?

I know you asked me to look for good in people and I am really trying. But seriously, what’s with the guy and his family?

And while we are on the topic of America, can you please make those guys stop manipulating world affairs all in the name of fuel? Perhaps if you could help us with some alternate energy sources, that would help? ( sorry… we really didn’t take care of the resources that you gave us)

Our neighbors

Is there a time in the near future when India and Pakistan will co-exist happily? I don’t like our soldiers dying. And I am sure there are nice regular people among their civilians who just want a peaceful life. I have met some of them and they are good people. Do something… anything… to bring peace into our countries

You need a better postal service

Look , I don’t get the deal with death. When people pass on, I understand that it is final and they can’t come back…blah, blah… But the people left behind need to know they are OK. ( I am not questioning your ability to take care of them, but we just need to know sometimes). This is one area that I don’t think you understand us human beings. Because when people dear to you die, they come to you, rt? So it’s a win-win for you.

Not so cool for the ones left behind on earth. So, I have a suggestion ( Bro, I am an entrepreneur and an MBA — our kind always has a “suggestion”). Once in 5 years, how about allowing the ones who have come to you to send a letter ( not an email but the old world kind; white paper, white envelope and all that) to the ones left behind here. Nothing too sentimental but a note to say, “yo..I am doing good here”. How about that?


  • Please keep my friends and family happy. As long as they are happy, I will be super happy.
  • Don’t let the little ones starve.
  • No rape. Thank you

See, that’s not so bad as far as demands go right? Have a good weekend!

Ps. I need to lose another 10 Kg. A little help?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

Friends, this is the Day 26 of my odyssey to write one blog EVERY DAY for the month of May 2017. “One Day, One Blog

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