A fun competition for the writing community!


A fun competition for the writing community!

A call out to all my fellow Medium writers ( and readers) to participate in this event called “Campus Diaries”

Hey guys… something fun has been brewing at office. And I realized a little late that I have not shared this with my friends on Medium. My bad 🙁

So here’s the deal… our startup, Fourth ambit, which is an online platform for students and alumni communities is running a competition where you may showcase your writing skills.

This is what you need to do:

  • Write a short story, not more than 500 words. It can be based on a real life incident or a complete figment of your imagination — we don’t mind. The only deal is that the story needs to be based in a school or college setting .
  • Once the story is written, submit it HERE.
  • Share your entry on facebook, twitter and anywhere else you want to. Give a call out to your friends to come and “like” your story. (The judges have given a small weightage for the popularity it gets)
  • Winners will get a really cool Certificate and more……
  • If you are an Indian and you win, you will get some cool pocket money to spend! ( If you are a foreign national, we are still figuring out a way to share some goodies with you…so bear with us…. But don’t let this stop you from the joy of writing and the glory of winning)
  • The Date of submission is July 10th 2017; The voting can go on till July 17th and the winners will be declared on the 24th of July 2017
  • Don’t wait…get started! All the very Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here to post your entry

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